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「-」 is my part

I am a proud H Y P H E N

「-」 is my part: I am a proud H Y P H E N
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Hello, my name is Sheryl! I was born in the Philippines on May 12, 1988. I moved from the Philippines to California when I was 3 years old & since then I have lived in California all this time; I ♥ it here! However, I would like to try living overseas just once for experience purposes; mainly Japan!

My journal is Semi-Friends ONLY

I generally use my journal for fandom purposes and nothing personal. With that said, please do not take anything from my journal without permission. Everything I use for my page (journal & profile) I fully credit to others and therefore would like to be credited as well if need be. But please, if you intend to take anything from my page, please, please, please let me know first.

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